College Students: Be Part of IBM Global Student Study

How do you think businesses should be run, now and in the future?

Every two years, IBM speaks to thousands of CEOs about changes occurring in the business world. In 2010, we began surveying undergraduate and graduate students from around the world so that we can contrast the perspectives of students with CEOs. Side by side, these two groups provide a cross-generational view of leadership, and a glimpse into what business may look like in the future.

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, make sure your views are heard by participating in the 2012 IBM Global Student Study. You can also take the survey in Korean, Chinese, or Japanese.

The survey closes on January 31, 2012.

EXTRA CREDIT! To bring the study to life, we’re interviewing select study participants via webcam. Want to be part of the project?

Use Tumblr’s Ask feature to tell us, privately, what school you go to and how we can contact you via email to set up an interview.

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