1. secklerism answered: Segways have not found favor with me. I like foot/pedal power. Segways occupy too much sidewalk space and limit how much one can transport.
  2. hidayatismail answered: nope.
  3. undercreative answered: no. buy a bike.
  4. todayiwannabe answered: eww no… walk or bike
  5. keanery answered: Nope. It’s a B2B product that still thinks it shoul market to end-consumers.
  6. dascola answered: I didn’t think anyone ever wanted to buy a Segway.
  7. theconjecturer answered: Nope. But I wouldn’t have in the first place.
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  9. jackmason answered: Dino….I tried one several years ago and thought it was amazing….but its all about the price point. If they ever got it below $1,000, yes
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