Resilient Cities 2011 Congress coverage - interviews now online

I’m working with Missy Stults, Climate Director for ICLEI, on adaptation assessment at the Federal level. Below, she is interviewed in at the Bonn Resilient Cities Conference, which her organization sponsored. GO MISSY!

Interviews from ICLEI’s Resilient Cities 2011 Congress are now online on the website.

ICLEI’s President, Steve Cadman, discusses what resilience is. From the Oceania branch Steve Gawler gives a concise overview of the Rockefeller-funded ACCCRN (Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network) and their ten champion cities. From ICLEI USA, Missy Stults reports on the US and vulnerability assessments. US EPA’s Anthony Socci goes further into adaptation measures there, focusing on the tribal perspective.

World Bank Special Envoy for Climate Change, Andrew Steer introduces their report on cities in North Africa and the role of cities in the negotiations. In a separate video, he shares his thoughts on what will make Durban a success.

UNISDR’s Helena Molin discusses their monitoring tools and disaster preparedness. From the UNHABITAT, Joan Clos emphasises the urgency cities are under and contemplates financing.

Mayors and representatives from US North Little Rock, Mexico City (Marcel Ebrard and  Martha Delgado),  Dar es Salaam, Brazil’s Belo Horizonte (in Portuguese and English), The Philippines’ Quezon, Vancouver and Jerusalem, discuss impacts of and adaptation to climate change.

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