Crowdsourced Air Quality Mapping - For Citizens By Citizens

Why not capture Air Quality Data while you walk to work?

Inspired by a DHL project which used people’s daily walking routes through a city to crowd-source package delivery, some colleagues and I put together an idea for a smartphone add-on and associated software which could let the citizenry of a city map out areas of bad-quality air in their city. 


            The product is a data collection system that includes a smartphone-based “sensor” to gather environmental air quality information in dense urban environments, analytics software to transform this data into a usable form (i.e., a map of how air quality changes in a city over the course of the day), and a dashboard application to display this data for easy accessibility.  Data collected will reflect changes to air quality due to traffic congestion, commercial and industrial emissions and other activities.  This program could be used to inform macro-level users (i.e., government), micro-level consumers who would use the information to make lifestyle changes (i.e., runners, bikers, commuters), as well as companies that wish to advertise to health-conscious urban consumers via smartphone application.

Essentially, get a whole ton of people to walk their normal  routes with a smartphone accessory, and you can collect tons of data on hot-spots of high CO, CO2 and other greenhouse gases which you may want to avoid if you’re exercising, taking your kids for a walk, or just generally concerned for your health. 

We put together a fun development plan, risk-management and all the trimmings. 

For details and more information see: Crowdsourced Air Quality Mapping

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