Denver international airport’s solar energy initiative

Obviously fossil fuels have hit their peak and it’s time to invest in alternative energy, one that is renewable and has no pollution. Denver has always been on the forefront for green technology with their green data centers to their greenhouse gas reduction strategy. Truthfully it makes me proud to live in a city that is concerned about climate change and sustainability. Denver has also had its failures; 10 years ago, Denver airport implemented the computerized baggage-handling system. Unfortunately this futuristic technology failed and was known to misplace anything that it got a hold of. I do however applaud them for having the audacity to try something new unlike rest of the airports in America.

It’s actually quite embarrassing when you fly in to LGA or ATL from Seoul Incheon or the Hong Kong airport and you see how behind the times America is. But just recently Denver international airport completed the construction of its solar project, which generates an average of 3.5 million kWh of clean electricity annually.

This is awesome because this could potentially reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by more than five million pounds each year. These are just couple of reasons why Denver, Colorado, USA is the smartest city.