In a society where bookstores disappear every day while the number of books available to read has swelled exponentially, libraries will play an ever more crucial role. Even more than in the past, we will depend on libraries of the future to help discover and curate great books. Libraries are already transforming themselves around the country to create more symbiotic relationships with their communities, with book clubs and as work and meeting spaces for local citizens.

For publishers, the library will be the showroom of the future. Ensuring that libraries have continuing access to published titles gives them a chance to meet this role, but an important obstacle remains: how eBooks are obtained by libraries.

Fantastic read on why publishers and libraries are fighting the wrong war over ebooks.

Also see this unquiet history of the library and Ray Bradbury on how access to libraries let him educate himself

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(via explore-blog)

Fighting ‘food deserts’ with groceries at the library!


Gocery cart

From the Governing magazineIdea Center:

Two Baltimore libraries now have another service to offer their patrons: grocery ordering and pickup. The City Health Department’s Virtual Supermarket Project (VSP) lets patrons living in “food deserts”—areas without shops offering healthy food at reasonable prices—order and pickup groceries at the library. Once a week, library visitors place their orders online with a local grocer and pay with cash, check, credit or food stamps. Patrons can pick up their orders the next day without paying a delivery fee.

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Source: Governing (article not yet online)

Image by House of Sims, licensed under Creative Commons.