LoveLansing Is A Great Place To Be a Mom!

I work for a growing technology company, have dozens of parks within 10 miles of my house, live in a safe, affordable neighborhood with access to world-class medical care and a fantastic science center.

Michigan State University offers early childhood music classes. Impression 5 has specialized science/tech programming for kids as young as my 2-year-old to teenagers. My family has a friendship student from Libya who is pursuing his master’s at Michigan State University.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear three or more different languages spoken when we attend one of Lansing or East Lansing’ fantastic festivals, making me love this community even more. 

I chose Lansing. I didn’t end up here. But I’m here for good. And so is my young family.

Lansing Student Entrepreneurship

The Greater Lansing area has greatly begun to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that has long laid dormant during the auto glory years. One way the city is doing this is by encouraging its younger members to innovate in order to build a diverse and up and coming economy. Examples of this are a group called #gumball that meets every week to collaborate on their ideas for start ups, non profits, clubs, events, etc. Michigan State University has also adopted an entrepreneurship curriculum that will be coupled with The Hatch, a student-led business incubator. The incubator will give students a physical space to begin developing their business ideas as well as offer amenities such as a mentorship program, business development guidance and so much more. Lansing has embraced its future generation to become a leader in innovation.