Travel By Train

The most rewarding life experience has been the move to New Hampshire where one may enjoy all of nature’s beauty, healthy lifestyle if you want to participate in a variety of sports, and, most importantly, experience the genuine character of the citizens.  The majority of people here are open and sharing, will give of themselves to help their community as well as provide monetary support of services that are viewed favorably to maintain a quality of life.

The DownEaster train is extremely important to our people here and offers pleasant and reasonable cost transportation from Massachusetts to Maine.  Towns along the track appreciate this wonderful asset and many are leaving cars in the garages to commute by rail.  There are dedicated volunteers who service the stations and make every effort to deliver a positive experience to riders.  My train station photo is an award that was given to a volunteer of thirty years of service in our town.  Along with the photo came the personal respect of the community; something better than what is captured in a photo.

Dover, New Hampshire