Here’s a look ahead at our next vPanel — IBM’s webcam-based webcast series — taking place on Thursday, December 9th, from 12-1 ET on the IBM New Intelligence Channel.

See the full post for details on on the panelists and the topic — Automotive 2.0 | New Models for Human Mobility.

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Advancing Mobility | the next frontier in smarter transportation


Advancing Mobility | the next frontier in smarter transportation

Read the new study on the evolving nature of vehicle manufacturing, sales, ownership and new models for business and society around transportation

Next 5 in 5


“IBM has released the fourth annual edition of its Next 5 in 5, which is a list of five innovations that the company predicts will change cities over the next five years as cities face massive urbanization and stressed infrastructure.” (eWeek article)

Prediction 1: Cities will have healthier immune systems

Prediction 2: City buildings will sense and respond like living organisms

Prediction 3: Cars and city buses will run on empty

Prediction 4: Smarter systems will quench cities’ thirst for water and save energy

Prediction 5: Cities will respond to a crisis—even before receiving an emergency phone call

READ MORE about each of these predictions in the eWeek article

Clearing the path for hands-free, automated driving

At UC Berkeley, PATH research engineer Wei-Bin Zhang describes his vision for an automated vehicle infrastructure. His team is developing technologies that allow cars, buses and trucks to connect with the roadway using sensors placed on vehicles and magnets drilled into the cement.